Client Portal

SImple, secure, and conveniently available 24/7!

How It Works

I invite you to use my HIPAA compliant, secure client portal. It is similar to what some of your medical providers may provide.

New or prospective clients may request a phone consultation or first appointment two ways:

    1. Click on the “New Client” link in the menu under “Client Portal” or
    2. Click any one of the purple buttons throughout my site, labeled “Request Appointment or Consultation”.

Both link you to my availability, where you are then able to enter your basic information and request a consultation or appointment. I will receive a notifcation of the request and approve the time or suggest a different one.

Once you schedule an initial appointment, either through our phone call or online, I will send my intake forms to you via the client portal. You will also be provided a temporary password, which you may change to your own.  I ask you submit the completed paperwork to me at least 24 hours prior to our first meeting. This gives you the ability to read the information thoroughly and formulate any questions you may have, and I am able to review for completion and clarity of what you wish to work on.

Existing clients have the ability to update information as needed and pay your balance.

That’s it! Simple, secure, and conveniently available 24/7!

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