Just when the

butterfly  thought  the

world was over,

it began to fly.  

Just when the

butterfly thought the

world was over

it began to fly.

The Process

Have you ever read the children’s book, The Crunching, Munching Caterpillar? In the story, Caterpillar is fascinated by Bumblebee and Sparrow’s ability to fly. Although he aspires to fly too, Bumblebee and Sparrow tell him he cannot fly because he does not have wings and his body is not light enough. The next day he meets Butterfly, who tells him he may be able to fly one day. He advises Caterpillar to go to sleep, as he appeared very sleepy. Caterpillar had been eating for weeks to satisfy his hunger…

While he slept through the winter months, his dreams were filled of soaring above the trees, drifting toward the sun, and floating on the breeze light as a feather. Much to his amazement when he awoke, he had BIG, BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY WINGS! And he could fly!

We are not unlike Caterpillar in the story. Many people have visions of being able to fly like Caterpillar…breaking free from struggles and ending patterns that hold them back from experiencing true happiness, life fulfillment, and success. Some become discouraged by their own or others’ beliefs that they are unable to change or reach their goals, some just don’t know how to get there, and others are simply frightened by the journey into the unknown.

And the counseling process is much like Butterfly, giving encouragement and guidance to those who are looking to transform into their inner butterfly and soar!

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